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Everybody can join The Living Frames Project. Our goal is to provide a platform where people can share the artwork they own (which are usually only available to themselves and a few visitors) with a wider audience so they can also appreciate these hidden treasures. By doing this, we are also hoping to build a worldwide catalogue of art objects in the private collections of ordinary individuals. When we say “private collections”, we are no referring to professional collectors or expensive artwork. This site is more about the affordable art pieces that are valuable to people who own them, rather than their market value.

If you want to join us and become a TLF Contributor, all you need to have is a desire to share and catalogue a particular artwork and a willingness to participate in the conversation. Our main goal is for people to share the pieces they own in their personal spaces (home, office etc.) so that they can be viewed by audiences that would have no way of seeing them except in this project.

You can

  • submit a single entry

  • create your Home Museum with multiple submissions

  • or write and reflect on the topic of your choice in the Speaker’s Corner

Here is how.

If you want to share specific pieces of art:

  • Please contact us with an email at and send (a) pictures of the artwork you want to exhibit and (b) a short introduction about yourself.

  • You should include;

– A good quality picture of the artwork. Make sure that you take the picture from the front with appropriate lighting and the artwork is presented in its entirety.

– Name of the artwork.

– City and country where the artwork currently is

– Name of the artist (with links to the artist website, Wikipedia or other sources where visitors can get more information about the artist).

– The material of the artwork (like “oil on canvas” etc.) and dimensions (where possible).

  • A short piece of writing (a minimum of 200 words) that documents your personal relationship with the artwork; why did you want to share it? Why do you think it is important to catalogue it and make it available for other people to see? What is it about the piece that resonates with you? You can really write about any aspect of the piece that is captivating for you.  However, for a more compelling experience, we would like to encourage everyone to think and possibly write about the broader historical and artistic implications that the pieces might have as well.

If you want to create your own Home Museum:

If you have three or more original artworks (painting, sculptures etc.) in your living space and would like to set up a virtual museum for your home within the project, please send us the pictures of the pieces along with your commentary (the specific requirements are listed above). Following your submissions, we will open a “Home Museum” tag for you on our website and give you a username and password to manage your entries.

By creating a Home Museum, collaborators can really experience this project in the most fulfilling way; as they will have the unique opportunity to not only share pieces of art, but also showcase how those pieces have the capacity to define, vitalize and breathe life into a living space, and by doing so, tell a story about the people who inhabit it.

If you want to join the Speaker’s Corner:

You can write articles in our “Speaker’s Corner” about the artwork exhibited here or any subject related to our project’s mission. Send your chosen artwork and articles to

What can you share?

First of all, this website is about the affordable art pieces people buy for their own pleasure and enrich their living spaces. It is not the price of the artwork that makes them valuable. If you feel it is valuable to you, you can share it in The Living Frames.

However, we prefer the artworks you submit are the works of professional or semi-professional artists who have (or had) a regular throughput. This is to ensure the artworks submitted have a certain quality and maturity.

In general, The Living Frames mainly concentrates on paintings and sculptures. You can also share photography if it is the limited edition print of an artist.

However, these are not strict rules as we are more interested in developing thoughtful conversations with people who want to share their connections with certain pieces of art.

Please make sure that there are no copyright issues with your submission.

If you are unsure whether or not your submission will be suitable, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help.

Sharing your own work & promoting others:

If you are an artist yourself, you are welcome to submit your own work and/or create your own Home Museum. However, we would kindly ask you to observe a 50% rule. You should aim to exhibit an equal amount or more works from other artists (so if you have three blog entries with your own work, you have to have three or more blog entries for other artists as well). The same request applies if you want to share works of the same artist. No single artist should constitute more than 50% of your blog entries.

These requests are not to discourage self-promotion or promoting artists you like, but just to stay true to the characteristics of this platform; as we believe that The Living Frames Project can function most efficiently as long as it can stay an equal and diverse space.

Also, we kindly remind that this is not a platform to sell art. So no commercial messages, please. You can include links to the artist’s homepage and the visitors can explore more about the artist.

Moderating the entries:

The reason we want to review your submission beforehand is not to question, comment or change your ideas, but to make sure that we can provide a healthy discussion environment for all participants and create and maintain a certain quality.

For instance, from time to time, we may ask you to improve your content by providing more information about the artist or include references to other sites.

If you are not a native English speaker (like us) and need some help, we have limited resources to edit your writing but this may take some time.

If you want to become an editor, you are most welcome. Please write to us.