We have found this painting in the local antique shop in London in September 2019. It is signed as Carmelo Hernanda (or Hernando), 1983. However, we had not been able to find any information about the painter. The name sounds Portuguese or Spanish and we do not know if it is painted in London (England?) or brought here from somewhere else.

It shows three nude figures and a rooster in a slightly surreal scene.  One of the figures is blue, the other is yellowish-green. They form a nice contrast with the overall warm tones that surround them.

Untitled by Carmelo Hernanda
Untitled, Carmelo Hernanda, 1983, Oil on canvas board, 45cm x 35 cm

It would be nice to have more information about the painter. But at the end of the day, this is our “Home Museum” project is all about. Recording and making available the artworks from little known painters that are hidden in people’s homes. Now, Carmelo Hernanda, whoever he was, has one of his works available for the world to enjoy.

Carmelo Hernanda Signature
Signature and date of the painting