Whitewater @ Widemouth

This is a marine scene from Cornwall. It is painted by  Steve Bonds in 2004. We have bought this in 2016, it was a little bit worn out.

It is a very simple painting. Just a few dashes of white and orange paint on a fairly simple background. However, in spite of all of its simplicity, it is an expressive painting. You can see the sunset, the sea, the waves crashing on the shore.

Steve Bonds Widemouth
… @ Widemouth, Steve Bonds, 2004, Acrylic on Canvas, 123×65 cm

On one side of the canvas, there is artist’s name and the name of the painting.  (It was very hard to make the first word but with help from people

Steve Bonds Widemouth

who know the area now I now know it – Thanks ) “Whitewater @ Widemouth“, a beach in Cornwall where surfers frequent. So we may assume the orange dash of paint is a surfer, riding on top of the waves.

It is amazing how the artist has captured the movement of the waves and the surfer with such ease and simplicity.



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