Ave Luna

This is the second serigraph in our home museum by Fernando Llort. I bought this affordable artwork together with Jardin de Sol so you can read where and how I bought them.

Ave Luna by Fernando Llort
Ave Luna, 2004, Fernando Llort, Serigraph

I always wonder if this is a picture of a bird, or a lion (just look at the top half of the picture) or a lion hidden behind the bushes ready to attack a poor bird.

The pictures that capture that kind of duality always fascinate me. The meaning of the picture alternates on how you look at it. It raises many questions and allows you to wander through the corridors of your mind.

Is this a hunting scene? Or does a watchful, protective villager is keeping an eye on his roster? Is it a peacock with the eye-like patterns on his tail?

I do not know what other people see in it? Am I the only one seeing these things. Did you also notice them when you look at the picture? Or did they become apparent after I draw your attention to these hidden messages? Or do you think I am over-interpreting a simple drawing of a bird? Is art really a personal experience?

I also do not know if Fernando Llort thought about any of these when he draw this? Did he consciously try to create any of the impressions I listed above? Or did he just draw the lines, never intending and never noticing the figure of a lion?

In any case, I believe this is what makes a good artwork. It keeps your mind occupied. It helps you look at things from different perspectives. It forces you to find a correspondence between lines and colors on a white sheet of paper and some sort of reality. That kind of exercise makes us able to look at other things in our lives from different perspectives and question what part of our reality they correspond and if the other people find the same correspondence and assign the same meaning.



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