The Lazy Afternoon

This is the first artwork we had bought after we moved to London. We moved with no furniture and did not bring anything from Istanbul. The walls were quite empty for a while and we were looking for something nice but still within our home decoration budget which was already in the red.


The Lazy Afternoon
The Lazy Afternoon, Trevor Price, Drypoint Print on Paper

We have found the Lazy Afternoon in The Royal Society of Painters-Printmakers shop in Southwark. They always have a very nice collection of prints, reasonably priced. If you are living in London or visiting the town, this is one place you can find high-quality affordable art.

The Lazy Afternoon by Trevor Price no 68 of 100

Our print is number 68 of 100 copies. I sometimes wonder where the other 99 is. I dream one day, maybe decades later, they will all come together on this website. Drop a note to us if you own any of the other copies. (or better yet post another blog entry with a few words about the copy you own.)


The print shows two lovers, laying in the bed. Afternoon sun is hidden behind the buildings of the city and the sunshine coming from the window warms two lovers lying in front of the window. They enjoy being at home, being alone, being together.

But they are not alone. On the table next to their bed, there is a pair of flowers. One of them is very simple, uncomplicated, straightforward; but the other flower is more complex with flowers and leaves going in every direction. Also on the table; there is another pair: a pear and a banana are lying next to each other.

So we have a woman, a man, a pear, a banana, a simple flower and a complex flower in the same room, being lazy on a lazy afternoon. Put them together as you like it.

A crowded yet tranquil scene.

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