The Blue Awakening


The Blue Awakening by Sezgi Tamer
The Blue Awakening by Sezgi Tamer, acrylic on canvas, 70 x 100 cm

(This painting and the accompanying piece of writing, written by Sezgi Tamer in 2016, was submitted by Ayşe Acar from İstanbul).

“Every idea that is born is the antecedent of another idea. One finds a thousand different
ways to interpret the world by creating new ideas as long as one keeps having revelations throughout the continuity of life.”
This painting, a section from “The Awakening of Idea,” which was displayed in 2016 at the 4th Istanbul Children and Youth Biennale; represents the power, ambition and rebellion that the human soul holds at its depths. It is an abstract and self-assured semi-portrait, which resists the negativity caused by the psychological, political and social factors that burden humanity (often brought to life by the aforementioned qualities); and represents the power which stands tall in the face of hardship and is refined with experience. Created by the color of serenity and tranquility; blue, the portrait also aims to relay the peace power brings alongside it.


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