Jardin de Sol

This is a print by Fernando Llort. I bought this print (or serigraph?) in San Salvador, in  2005, from an art shop in the entrance of a restaurant together with another print, a mug and two more prints on wood. My friends told me that the restaurant was run by Mr. Llort. I am still not sure of this. It was a large restaurant, open-air with plastic chairs but was serving delicious pupusa. Apparently, the artwork was fairly priced (I cannot remember how much I have paid) but if I had been able to buy four pieces with my modest salary, I say this is how affordable art should be.

What I really like about this painting is how it brings simple lines and colors together to build fairly complex composition.

“The Garden of Sun” is built around a house. Its boundaries are drawn by a rooster, a chicken, a fruit tree and a leaf.  We do not see any people, but we know that they are there, living in the house, because there is a basket full of fruits picked up for the market. Other houses surround the garden, so our house is probably in a small village.

The simplicity of the figures reflects the simplicity of rural life. Animals, plants and people live in harmonious existence. There are two figures missing. The first is “Sun” who, according to the title of the painting owns the garden. The second is the people who live in the house and won the garden. Or are they missing? When you stand in front of this painting, with the sun coming from the window and shining on it the picture becomes complete.

This is why we should have artwork in our living places. Without us, an artwork cannot be complete.

IMG_3157 1
Jardin de Sol by Fernando LLort, Print on paper


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