Oracle at Delphi

Oracle at Delphi
Oracle at Delphi by Krysia D Michna Nowak, Acrylic on Paper

This painting is named The Oracle at Delphi.  You can only assume that it is an interpretation of Pythia, The High Priestess of Delphi. However, it is quite different from how she had been traditionally painted. The Budha-like image with floral figures is very tranquil and gives a sense of harmony with nature.

Why is this a good painting? I think has the same trick as Mona Lisa. It is very hard to read the expression of the subject from the painting. Is she looking at us, or is she just lost in her own thoughts. Is she sad or is she in peace with herself and her surroundings. Is she crying?

She watches us day and night in our living room. Her gaze gives us a clue about our future. At he end of the day she is the Oracle and who else can know the future. She hints us how our future will be. And the ambiguity of her expression is because of the uncertainty of our future. She is not sure if she should be happy of sad for us. She is not sure if she should be smiling or crying.


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