Lake and Trees

Allan clutton-brock.jpg
Lake and Trees by Alan Clutton-Brock, Oil on wood panel.

We have found this painting in the local hospice. There is a slight discoloration but apart from that it is in a pretty good shape. There was (an still there is) a photocopy of a newspaper article about the death of Mr. Alan Clutton-Brock on December 18th. In the article, naturally year is not mentioned but I did a quick search and found a short Wikipedia article about him. He had died in 1972.

I wonder where and when this picture was painted, how it ended up in the hands of its previous owner, how the newspaper piece found its way to the back of the frame and how it ended up in the hospice.

I am always curious about how long an artwork can survive. If it is not from a famous painter with some market value, it may find its way to garbage bin. What will happen to all the artwork in our houses when we die. Probably they will be thrown away. Few of them might be inherited by the next generation but with all the changes that will happen in their lives it is very unlikely that the artwork will survive long. And then, the next generation is not immortal. What will happen after that.

It looks like this particular painting has a new lease of life. I do not know when it was painted. We bought it in 2017. If we assume it was painted in 60’s, it spent a good 50 years in its previous home. I hope it out-survives me.

To see more paintings by Alan Clutton-Brock click here. These paintings are in Chastleton House  where he had lived.

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