Homeland (Anayurt)

Serdar Aklilic Homeland.jpg
Homeland (Anayurt) by Serdar Akkılıç, Acrylic on Canvas

We bought this in 2012 for our home in Istanbul. In that year me and my wife have decided not to buy presents to each other for countless occasions (Valentine’s Day, birthdays, wedding anniversary, Christmas) and put our money together and buy a nice piece of art.

When we have visited Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair with our modest budget, this was the only painting that we really liked and still in our budget.

It now hangs in our Istanbul home.

It depicts a fantastic scene, almost out of a science fiction movie.

Two big rock islands are floating in the space. On the rock in the distance, there is a house that is more like a haunted house. It looks like the house in “Psycho.”

On the other rock, there is a modern building that looks like it is build of steel and concrete. It has no windows. It looks like a prisons in post-apocalyptic science fiction movies.

The two rocks are connected with chains and in the middle there is a much smaller rock which looks like an island. Floating in space, yet connected to two bigger rocks. It is chained and cannot go anywhere.

On that small rock we can see three figures. Two are standing on it and one is hanging at the end of a ladder like the heroes of the action movies hanging from helicopters.

You may wonder what are they doing there? Do they live there? Do they escape from the prison and want to go to their homeland? Or are they leaving their homeland behind for a modern city? Are they refugees? Or are they policing the small island so that nobody can go from one rock to the other. Maybe the two figures on the island are the policemen but the figure hanging from the ladder is trying to escape from the prison without them noticing it.

You can write so many stories about this three rocks, two buildings and three people… And you can always find one story that is also your story for that day. The picture will change its story if your story changes….

Are you leaving your village to go to a big town?

Are you leaving the big town behind for a simpler life?

Are you a refugee running away from a haunted country to a safe place?

Do you want to break free from the prison the society built around you?

Whatever your story is, you are one of the figures in this painting… Try it for yourself.

Homeland (Anayurt) – Detail – by Serdar Akkılıç, Acrylic on Canvas


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